Sunday, April 27, 2008

Coup"ON" the GO created for the Sassiest of Shoppers!

Coup"ON" the GO is your easiest one stop shop to saving money while you shop! These unique booklets are the sassy new home for your coupons. Choose your colors or design (i.e. stripes, polka dots, flowers, plain) and I will design your very own Coup"ON" the GO booklet to carry with you while you are on the go! These 4 x 6 inch booklets are great for your purse, your car, or for moms with diaper bags. Coup"ON" the GO is organized into 36 different categories. The first three quarters of the booklet is alphabetized and designated for grocery items (i.e. food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, medicines, desserts, pet, baby items, batteries, foils, plastics, etc.). The last quarter of your booklet is alphabetized by services, fast food, restaurants, clothing, crafts, etc. There is even a special sleeve for your receipts. What shopper is not up for saving some money? After all, the more money you save, the more you can shop! You will be the sassiest shopper on the go with your own unique booklet of savings! No two are alike! Coup"ON" the GO is yours for just $10.00 plus shipping & handling. These make great gifts as well! Contact me at to order your very own Coup"ON" the GO today!

My very own Coup"ON" the GO

blue and chocolate brown ("the original")

peek at the inside of "the original" Coup"ON the GO

chocolate brown and red ("berry best")

spring colors ("flower power")

Earth Tones ("flower power")

chocolate brown and blue ("sassy squares")

chocolate brown and pink ("diva")

chocolate brown and pink ("sweet caroline")

black and white ("aloha")

pink and black ("disco")

lime green and pink ("summer lovin'")

chocolate brown and blue ("baby love")

deep red and dark blue ("bandanna rama"- cover)

deep red and dark blue ("bandanna rama"- inside cover)

black and turquoise ("illusion"- cover)

black and turquoise ("illusion"-inside cover)

Coup"ON" the GO fits great in even the smallest purse!

(featuring chocolate brown and red - "check me out")

...or the biggest diaper bag!

I try to make each Coup"ON" the GO uniquely yours- I am happy to email you samples of designs I have, if you give me an idea of colors and/or styles you might have in mind. I can't wait to design your personal Coup"ON" the GO to fit your own unique style- and look forward to hearing from you soon!